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November 2022

November 16, 2022

1. Better highlight your brand within your Live Shopping experience

As a brand, you can highlight your brand identity (Logo) even more than before, inside your Live Shopping experience on your website.

Adolfo Dominguez Live Shopping powered by Shoply

2. The Mini video player user experience has been upgraded

We have made several evolutions on our Mini video player, enhancing the overall visibility, navigation and experience.

The mini video player is used on our clients online stores and websites on top of their existing pages, enabling viewers to watch a Live Shopping video while browsing the website and adding products to their cart.

16:9 ratio Mini video player on client's website

9:16 ratio Mini video player on client's website

3. Chat: Anti-robot / anti-spam feature

Our clients are sensitive to the quality and authenticity of interactions during their Livestreams. In order to guarantee 100% human interactions, we have implemented a 5 seconds timer between messages typed by a single participant.

4. Client Back-office user experience improvements.

We have made several improvements to the user experience on our clients Back-office web portal. For more details, contact us at hello@shoply.tv

Client Back-office web portal by Shoply

October 2022

October 14, 2022

1. Smooth navigation between the different pages on an online store

Shoply offers multiple types of navigation on a website as well as between different websites.

The picture-in-picture feature is a great way for your audience to navigate throughout your online store while watching a video content on your product pages, Live and in Replay.

Also, this experience enables any type of call-to-actions: Add to cart and checkout, ask for a quote, request an appointment, book a trip, etc.

2. Engagement: You can now reply to each message in the Chat, individually


3. Engagement: You can display announcement messages Live and in Replay

4. Animated on-screen products

You participants and viewers can better visualize the products displayed on the screen thanks to a new visual animation.

5. A new and more scalable database technology

Shoply's database technology has been totally re-developed in connection with our rest-API.

It now enables to manage data separately from the Development environment and the Production environment. it also enables more scalability and speed.

6. A new and powerful WebSocket solution

The WebSocket protocol enables interaction between a web browser (or other client application) and a web server with lower overhead than half-duplex alternatives such as HTTP polling, facilitating real-time data transfer from and to the server.

We have revamped our technology to enable more scalability and quicker response-time. We also have applied this solution to our Back-office used by our clients.

September 2022

September 12, 2022

1. Acquire your participants contact information throughout their Live Shopping user journey

If they want to, your participants can share their Name and Email in order to get notified about your next Live Shopping session, as well as subscribe to your company's Email-list. They can do so before and during a Livestream session.

You can download the list in the form of a csv file, for your CRM or for your Email marketing solution.

2. Engage your participants with fun Quizzes and Rewards

Keeping your participants engaged, challenged and entertained is key to your Live Shopping engagement rate.

This is your opportunity to make them feel special and feel like they are part of your brand's community.

During a Live session, you may publish as many Polls and Quizzes as you like. If you wish, you can even give away rewards to the winning participants.

3. Your participants can now hide and display the Chat on their mobile

In our mobile view, your participants can now hide or show the Chat during a Live session.

4. Easily manage your campaigns and your content on your various Retail channels

As a D2C brand, you may sell your products through various Retail partners. Easily managing and controlling your Live shopping content on your various channels is therefore crucial to your success.

We have therefore upgraded our platform to make this task as easy as possible for your team.

5. Controlling your Live session with our new Studio module

You can now manage everything happening on your participants interface with a single dashboard in Shoply: the Studio.

You can control your video streaming feed, your live metrics, the Chat, Questions, On-screen products and Live interactions. 

6. Injecting our SDK on your website is easier than before

Injecting our script on your website, online store or online media has been simplified. Our script now consists of just one line of code.

Here's what il looks like: <script   id="shoply-script" async  src="https://cdn.shoply.tv/latest/script.min.js"   data-app-key="ABcDEfgHIjklMNOPqrSTuV"></script>

You can find your secured snippet code in your client dashboard directly, as well as get more information in our technical documentation.

July 2022

July 11, 2022

1. Live Shopping page manager

Once configured on your client account, your Live Shopping page may now automatically be populated with your campaigns: Live events, Upcoming events, Replay sessions.

For your team, this means less time editing your Live Shopping page, and more time producing great content.

2. Confetti animation

During a Livestream, create fun and exciting moments with your participants by displaying a confetti animation in the interface.

3. Product import and synchronization

Our web scraper enables you to create a product in Shoply from your product page URL, with one click. With this new version, the product details can always stay up-to-date, through a manual or an automated synchronization configured from your client account.

When attaching products to an Event, they are now sorted by creation date, making it easier for you to select the latest ones.

4. Widgets & Buttons

Widgets and buttons may be injected and configured from your client account directly. Giving you more control and freedom, without taking time from your IT team.

These components are now controlled from your main dashboard. (Instead of from your Event's menu previously) As such, you have a quicker and better control on the various elements displayed on your website.

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