The Live Commerce platform

For brands, retailers, market places, wholesalers and distributors.


The power of video, social interactions and instant shopping


Customizable widgets & buttons

Live Shopping page manager

Open Media interface

Product page clips

Landscape & Portrait video interface (Your choice)

Mini video player & Open tab (Your choice)

Up to 4 "On-screen" products display

Concurrent Live viewers display or hide

Live Chat & Polls

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Visitors Email acquisition

Seamless conversion: Add to cart, Checkout, Order, Appointment, etc.

"Excellent team and excellent solutions. Very easy to personalize and user friendly"
Baptiste Trouillet, Digital Innovation Manager

Compatible with any E-commerce technology

Install Shoply on your online store with just one line of code (SDK)

Import and synchronize your product catalog with our web scraper or through csv, xls and xml files or feeds

Enable deeper integrations with our rest API

"Shoply was easy to install and customize on our store. Thanks for the efficient support during implementation and during the live event."
Benjamin Roché. Chief Technology Officer
Drinks & Co / Pernod Ricard


Have full control over your Live Selling campaigns

Account setting and user access
Installation and setup
Widget creation and layout
Product import and synchronization
Video broadcast & Live chat
Real-time metrics and campaign analytics

Video streaming solutions & features

Included with our subscription plans

How to get started with Shoply

Create an account today, go Live tomorrow.


Embed Shoply's SDK on your store or website. We'll help you configure the UX UI and run a few validation tests.


Prepare, test and rehearse with your team, and with our team's support.

Go Live

Go live on a dedicated Live Shopping page and review the metrics, Live.


Your Replay sessions are automatically published on your Live Shopping page as well as on your product pages.


Use the relevant campaign analytics on your dashboard to optimize your next sessions.


Trusted by 360 leading corporations in 20 countries, today


Software solution, Live shopping strategy, video production, scenography, hosting and traffic acquisition.


Secured and scalable cloud architecture, SSL, content security policy, symmetric / asymmetric encrypted data.


With 88% customer retention year over year and 4,3/5 satisfaction level, since 2014.


60 employees serving 360 corporate clients in more than 20 countries today.

"The customer support team was fantastic, from start to finish."
Alan Ironside, Customer Marketing Director

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we install and use Shoply on our online store, media or website

Shoply is a cloud-based web solution. Connection between your servers and ours is made through our SDK (Software Development Kit) and with a unique, private and secured access for your company (App Key).

You may inject our SDK on your global-header or on any desired page in just a few minutes.

For more information, you may review our installation documentation here: https://docs.shoply.tv/#/content/getting_started/quick-start

Does Shoply work with any e-commerce CMS technology

Yes. Whether for web integration and for product catalog import, Shoply works with any solution on the market. It also works without a CMS.

Depending on your technology, embedding, configuring, testing and validating Shoply requires more or less work from your IT team and from our team. For each new client, we provide a Setup & On-boarding service included in our subscription plans.

Does Shoply work on desktop and mobile

Our Live Commerce interface works on web browsers such as Chrome (mobile & desktop), Safari (mobile & desktop), Firefox (desktop) and Edge (desktop).

Our Back-office dashboard for your collaborators is accessible via any web browser on desktop.

Does Shoply provide a video production solution

Yes, when you purchase a subscription plan with Shoply, you can choose between several solutions.

Click here to learn more about it: https://www.shoply.tv/blog/video-production-solutions-by-shoply

Our team will help you select and implement the best video streaming and production solution for your company.

Does Shoply come with a checkout and payment method

Add to cart, checkout and payment are made through your own Ecommerce system, at the time as viewers are watching the video content through Shoply.

Do the video and chat content produced during our Live Commerce campaigns belong to our company

Yes. Your company owns the rights for all content produced through Shoply.

What metrics does Shoply provide

Our Video Commerce solution provides both real-time metrics and compiled analytics.

Real-time metrics, delivered during your Live sessions

  • Number of viewers
  • Number of reactions
  • Number of clicks on your product pages
  • Number of Add-to-cart

Real-time metrics, delivered during your Live / Replay sessions

  • Number of viewers: Live, Replay, Live + Replay
  • Average viewing time (hours, minutes and seconds) How long, on average, have your viewers watched your videos.
  • Number of heart reactions.
  • Number of clicks on your products pages:
    - In total and product by product.
    - Click rate (%)
  • Number of Add-to-cart
    - In total and product by product
    - Click rate (%)
  • Number of chat messages.
  • Product video clips: Impressions and Clicks

Can Shoply's team manage and produce Live Shopping / Live Selling sessions for my company

Yes. We propose a Live Shopping agency service, called Shoply 360, including strategy, script and scenography, video production, hosts & influencers management, as well as traffic acquisition campaigns.

Our agency service is proposed in partnership with some of the best Live Shopping experts in France, Spain and Mexico.

Your company can therefore enjoy an expert-level end-to-end service at the best value on the market.

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