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Comprehensive Live Commerce services for E-commerce & Retail Media


Live & Replay sessions

All features

Limited number of concurrent users

Up to 500 Gigabyte storage

Up to 2 admins

Help center & Customer support


Live & Replay sessions

All features

Limited number of concurrent users

Up to 1 Terabytes storage

Up to 5 admins

Help center & Customer support


Live & Replay sessions

All features

Limited number of concurrent users

Up to 4 Terabytes storage

Up to 10 admins

Help center & Customer support


Live & Replay sessions

All features

Custom concurrent users

Custom storage

Custom admins

+ Account manager

Deep software integrations


SDK embedding & Setup
(Software Development Kit)

Customizable widgets & buttons

Landscape & Portrait video interface (Your choice)

Up to 4 "On-screen" products display

Live Chat & Polls

Product catalog import & synchronization though csv, xml and web scraping

Add-to-cart & Checkout link

Real-time metrics & Campaign analytics

API (Application Programming Interface)

Video streaming solutions & features

Included with our subscription plans

Customer support

A world-class service trusted by 360 corporations in 20 countries today

Setup & On-boarding

Help center, tutorials and webinars

Customer support: Basic & Premium

Service Level Agreement (Enterprise plan)

Live Shopping production, consulting and educational services

The best expertise for a maximized ROI (Return on investment)

Production services

PROVIDING THE ressources required to succeed

Traffic campaigns

attract AND ENGAGE WITH as many visitors as possible

& training



Strategy consulting

Script & scenography

Host & influencer identification, management and training

Live streaming production

Traffic campaigns


Social media



Education & training

Private sessions

Group masterclasses

Frequently Asked Questions

What are active users and concurrent users ?

Active users are visitors interacting with Shoply's interface on your website.

Concurrent users are visitors connected together on Shoply's interface at the same time. For instance: Today at 12:00 pm, 850 visitors were connected at the same time.

What's an admin ?

An admin is anyone from your company or from an agency accessing Shoply's back-office to create and manage your Live Shopping / Video Selling sessions. They may access Shoply's back-office with an e-mail and a password.

How can we try Shoply ?

We propose a renewable 3 Months trial where we help you with setup, on-boarding and premium support. Contact us for an instant quote.

How can we estimate our pricing and get a quote ?

Book a call with our sales team to get an instant quote.

The pricing for your company is fixed in advance based on your forthcoming consumption estimation. In case of overage consumption, our system will automatically create and share with you additional invoices to pay.

How can we proceed with invoicing and payment ?

We propose monthly or annual (12 months) contracts and payments.

Once your pricing has been estimated by our sales team, we will share a quote with you by e-mail. You may then sign it and share an "Order Number" with us, which will will include in an invoice.