Documentation, on-boarding and video tutorials.

Installation documentation

Content: Script integration, widgets and buttons, emitter library, cookies, content security policy.

Click here to access our SDK installation documentation

Client On-Boarding checklist

Install and configure Shoply on your website, run validation tests, prepare and produce your first Livestream.

Click here to open the file (Google Sheet)

Video presentations and tutorials

Click on the list below, turn the sound on and turn the subtitles on (cc button)

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we contact Shoply

Feel free to contact us by Email at support@shoply.tv

Where can we find all features from Shoply's platform

Find our features list and description at this page: www.shoply.tv/features

How do we connect on Shoply's client Back-office dashboard

Once Shoply's team has created your account and granted you an access, you may connect at the following URL with your Email and Password: https://app.shoply.tv

Are you missing any information ?

Feel free to ask our sales team for more documentation.

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