A unique set of features

For Ecommerce managers and retail marketing professionnals.


Web solution

Our solution is web-based and responsive for mobile, desktop and tablet.

Omni-channel experience

You can display and control your shoppable video content on several websites, online stores, online media and social media in parallel.


Navigation between different webpages or between different websites (Your choice)
• Experience on a single online store using the picture-in-picture experience: the video content is available anywhere on top of your web pages.
• Experience throughout several websites: a product link opens a new browser tab with the desired product page hosted on a different website.


English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch.
Implementing a new language takes two days on average.

Web elements customization

Easy configuration from client account (Back-Office)
• Main font (Titles, description texts)
• CTA colour
• Elements border width and angle (square, rounded)

Cookie consent

Information available in our technical documentation.


Through our rest API


Creation and control

All elements may be created, edited and controlled from your client account (Back-Office)

Widget and buttons

We have created a set of widgets and buttons
• Large widget
• Replay list
• Product clips
• Magnet widget

You can also create your own custom elements using our library.

Event details

• Event name
• Date
• Time and timezone
• Description
• Image and video snippet

Add to calendar

Viewers may add a soon-to-come event to their digital calendar (apple, google, microsoft)

Share URL with friends

Viewers may instantly share your content URL with their friends and family

Live Shopping page template

Your Live Shopping page may be manually or automatically edited and controlled from your client account:

• Automatically with Shoply's template widget.
• Manually with Shoply's widget library.


Live & Replay

Both available

Video broadcast quality definition

Full HD - Up to 1080p

Video player formats

Your choice: Portrait 9:16 ratio & Landscape 16:9 ratio

Video player controls

• Live + Replay: Volume, Heart reactions.
In Replay only: Play, pause, video navigation

Video streaming

From any source through RTMP

Learn more about our partner solutions at this page:

Multi-streaming, Social streaming

Through the video streaming app

Multi-hosting, screen sharing

Through the video streaming app

On-screen products

Highlight the products which are being displayed, Live and in Replay, inside the video player

Captions and subtitles

Subtitles and Closed Captions
Auto-Generated Live Captions

Video recording

Video broadcasted through Shoply are automatically recorded and available in Replay.
• May be downloaded as mp4 files
• Any mp4 file may be uploaded

Video chapters

Enable users to quickly find the video presentation for a specific product or for a specific question, in Replay.

Number of concurrent viewers (Live)

Can show or hide (Your choice) the number of participants connected in real-time.

Product video clips and shoppable videos

For recorded video content, you can upload video clips about your product presentations on your product pages.

You can actually import any product video to display on your product pages with Shoply.


Product catalog

Import and synchronize your product catalog with manual or automated imports through our web scraper, or csv, xml and json files or feeds.


Euros, British Pounds, Dollars, Pesos, Real.

Product details

Each product may have a name, image, original price, discounted price, variants, text description, product page URL, Identification number (SKU)

Call-to-action: Add to cart, Checkout, Favorite, Appointment, etc.

The main call to action occurs on your product pages directly with you video content being broadcasted on top through Shoply. This is a seamless and natural experience for your visitors.

With this experience, there is no discrepancy with your product information: i.e. the price and the stock information will always be up-to date.

As such, our solution works with any call-to-action: Add to cart, checkout, payment, favorite product, take an appointment with a salesperson, request an invoice, etc.



Moderators can delete messages if needed.

Chat with username

Users need to enter a name or a nickname before joining the Chat.

Terms & conditions and Privacy policy

Users need to read and accept before participating in the Chat.

Moderator's highlight

• Messages typed by the Moderator are highlighted so that participants can easily recognize them.
• Moderator can customize its name.

Message replies

The moderator can reply to each message individually.


The moderator can display announcement messages Live and in Replay.

Polls (votes)

Create and publish Polls with live results, with or without timer.

Product votes

Let your participants vote for their favorite products from your catalog.
ie: Which T-shirt colour do your prefer from our catalog: Green, Blue, Red

Quizzes & rewards

Create and publish Quizzes (Right or wrong answer) with rewards.

Favorite questions

In Replay: Replace the Chat by Questions. When users click on a question, the answer is displayed in the video.

Fun visual animations

Fun Confettis may be displayed in the interface during Live events.

Heart reactions (Multi-colour)

Users can click on the Heart icon to show their enthusiasm and appreciation.

Replay synchronization

In Replay, the recorded Chat, heart reactions and on-screen products are synchronized with the video timeline.


Contact information acquisition

Your participants and visitors may share their Name and Email with you in order to get reminded about future Live events, as well subscribe to your Newsletter.

They may do it on your event widget or within the Live Shopping interface.

You may then download the list (csv file) from your dashboard and upload on your CRM.


Real-time metrics

• Number of viewers
• Number of reactions (click on the heart icon)
• Total number of clicks on your products
• Total number of products added to their cart through Shoply’s interface.

Campaign analytics

• Number of viewers in total
• Product page views and product clip views
• Viewing time: Total and average(hours, minutes and seconds)
• Number of clicks on products(total / product by product / click rate)
• Number of Add to cart (total / product by product / click rate)
• Number of messages in the Chat
• Polls and Quizzes results and number of votes



Access at this URL https://app.shoply.tv/login with an Email and Password. (Contact us to create your account)

Web responsive

Desktop (Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox)




User access, Features & Navigation, SDK Account Key, Colours and fonts, Live Shopping page template, etc.

Widgets & Live Shopping page template

Manage your Live Shopping page, widgets and buttons

Product catalog

Import and automatically synchronize your products (web scraper, csv, json, xml)


Create and manage your campaigns (Future, Live, Replay)

Video, chat and interactions control

Control from your Event dashboard

Metrics & Analytics

Access and monitor
• Real-time metrics (Live)
• Campaigns analytics: Live, Replay, Live + Replay


Access and download contact information (csv file) to upload into your CRM solution.

"Shoply: Easy to install and configure on our retail partners online stores. An intuitive client web portal providing key metrics and analytics helping us measure our Live Shopping campaigns performance."
Mathilde Laborde, e-Commerce Manager

Frequently Asked Questions


API: Application Programming Interface

CRM: Customer Relationship Management

CTA (Click-to-Action) : Any clickable button or link leading to an action.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

RTMP: Real Time Messaging Protocol

SDK: Software Development Kit

SKU: Stock Keeping Unit

Can we embed Shoply's solution into our iOS or Android mobile app

Not yet. We are focusing on web-based experiences for the time being.

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