Each day, the e-commerce market grows increasingly saturated, and consumers become more and more demanding.

In order to attract new customers, e-commerce companies are constantly looking for new ways to gain visibility — and shoppertainment (with live shopping as a popular option within the category) has become an effective way to not only improve customer experience, but also create an experience that goes well beyond an “add-to-cart” button.

What is Shoppertainment, Exactly?

In broad terms, shoppertainment is "an innovative concept that combines two activities in one: Shopping and Entertainment.” (FEVAD) Specifically, it focuses on e-commerce — it’s the 2.0, online version of in-store entertainment. It’s a great way to increase the time customers and prospective customers spend on retailers’ web pages, and a way to increase sales and build loyalty by creating an immersive, interactive, and more human-connected experience (FEVAD).

Companies Currently in the Lead

Today, two e-commerce companies are at the cutting edge of shoppertainment: Alibaba and Lazada. These companies now offer live concert broadcasts, live shopping sessions, mini-games incorporating artificial intelligence, and even augmented reality games to site visitors, and what’s on offer changes daily.

Companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Auchan, Air France, Leroy Merlin and Fnac Darty have also integrated shoppertainment into their commercial strategy.

In 2021, the research firm Forrester published a report highlighting Europeans’ growing interest in shoppertainment, mainly for live shopping (with results indicating interest from 70% of surveyed consumers).

It's no coincidence that Alibaba, which has already offered more than 3.000 live broadcasts in France and worked with more than 100 local livestreamers, plans to double its shoppertainment options in Europe.

Where Shoppertainment and Live Shopping excel

The shoppertainment trend has been particularly successful in electronics, fashion and cosmetics, and retailers are expanding into home appliances, do-it-yourself, toys, jewelry and beverages. Innovative, technology-driven brands will have the largest opportunity to capitalize on all the creativity shoppertainment and live shopping can generate — both for current customers and future prospects.

A Few Shoppertainment Use Cases:

Treasure hunt on Pinterest, by Samsung

Treasure hunt live broadcast, by Samsung

Last November, to promote its new TV set, "The Frame" for Black Friday, Samsung Belgium organized a treasure hunt on Pinterest.

"The Frame" can take the form of a decorative painting, so the objective for players, in order to win one, was to find which painting, among 1.200 other paintings, was actually the Samsung screen.

Christmas contest using augmented reality, by Westfield

Christmas contest using augmented reality, by Westfield
Christmas contest using augmented reality, by Westfield

For the Christmas holiday, Westfield shopping malls organized a contest giving people the chance to win a €150 gift card. Consumers had to post a photo using a fun Instagram filter (a dancing 3D Christmas Bear) created by the Barney agency on behalf of Westfield.

With their photo entries, consumers became brand ambassadors.

Virtual Pizza Masterclass by Sage Appliances, with Shoply.tv — Live Shopping Software

Pizza Masterclass by Sage Appliances x Darty on Shoply.tv
Pizza Masterclass by Sage Appliances x Darty on Shoply.tv

Sage Appliances, the world leader in high-end home appliances, partnered with Darty to present their latest pizza oven: the Smart Oven Pizzaiolo. To promote the product, they created a virtual Masterclass to teach Italian food lovers how to use it to make a delicious Neapolitan pizza at home.

Classes like these allow for interaction between the presenter and the audience (including a Q&A that can also serve as a way to address customer resistance points).

One of the highlights of Sage’s hugely successful Masterclass was that audience members who were ready to buy could do so directly from the interface via Sage’s Shoply solution. As a bonus, Sage offered 25% off discount codes. (For more information, you can read the full case study and see a video excerpt of Sage’s masterclass on the Shoply blog.)

Shoply.tv, at the forefront of Shoppertainment

Today, the two main models of shoppertainment are live shopping and gamification.

Each has garnered real interest in Europe and won new customers for brands that have embraced these options.

Shoply's vision is to enable both of these opportunities for businesses by making it possible to integrate games and contests into live shopping shows, and let them leverage them to capture the full potential of shoppertainment. Shoply’s Live Shopping solution makes this possible.

At Shoply, our technology expertise is based on seven years of working closely with over 6,500 corporate clients worldwide, who have hosted events for over 5 million attendees.

To learn more about how to grow your business with shoppertainment, contact the Shoply team by email: hello@shoply.tv

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