Live events and videos are today’s consumers’ favorite type of content. With 90% of consumers saying video can help them make buying decisions (Forbes) and 88% of marketers being satisfied with ROI of their video marketing efforts on social media, it goes without saying that brands need to benefit from this format by using it accurately. And what better way to apply this format than by undergoing Live Shopping events on an E-commerce store?

Organizing online events could be daunting when we know there is an average 35% of no-shows. Here are a few following tips to succeed in the way our clients have been successfully promoting their live shopping events before, during and after.

Before a Live Shopping event

Generating highly qualified attendance is by far the most crucial and challenging part to any live event success.

          Ensuring brand authenticity 

In today’s market, 90% of customers mentioned authenticity as an important factor in deciding which brands they like and support. (Forbes) As such, brands need to find the right balance between broadcasting well-oiled content and high-quality video productions, and creating enough space for improvisation. To do so, working with experienced and talented speakers is key.

          Placing banners on your website

Placing promotional widgets and banners on top of an online store is an efficient and simple way to allow visitors to discover Live Shopping events and other video shopping content. Configuring and placing these widgets with Shoply is easy and straightforward, still, providing the right level of information and excitement is key.

PC Componentes widget for Black Friday live shopping event

          Creating FOMO (fear of missing out)

Teaser videos have proven to be a success, this short attention-grabbing video mustn’t last more than 30 seconds and should include the name of the event, date and location, eye-catching footage, program, event statistics and highlights of the event creating exclusivity and FOMO. Sharing it on social media, embedding it on your website’s landing page and including it in your email marketing will give your live shopping event a promising kickstart. Creating a special hashtag for your event and adding registration forms are also good tools to create exclusivity for your audience, making them want to show up rather than miss out.

During a Live Shopping broadcast

Going beyond “pre-event” promotion is fundamental in any live virtual event success. To continue growing any live event attendance, our clients do so, some simple yet useful techniques.

          Placing a magnet button on your website 

Placing a magnet on your website is simple when you work in synergy with a Live Shopping software company such as Shoply for instance. By partnering up, Shoply can embed the event onto your e-commerce website and whilst the event is up and running, a magnet button leading straight to the event will be carefully placed on the website. By doing so, people can join the event with just one click making it an easy way to generate traffic onto your live shopping event. 

Sage Appliances magnet button for a Live Shopping event broadcasted with Darty

          Using social media platforms

Broadcast your event on your various social media platforms to generate traffic onto your website making your audience want to join in. Share exclusive backstage and “in the making” footage stories and posts with direct links to your event. 

          Engaging with your audience

When using a live shopping solution such as Shoply, the chat feature enables a. This feature is what makes live shopping so exciting and engaging ! As a brand, you may discuss and answer enquiries, create polls or simply chat with your audience making them feel more like humans and less like numbers creating customer engagement and brand loyalty. 

Chat feature by Shoply during a Live Shopping event

After a Live Shopping show

Post-event promotion is just as important as it is to attract attendees to a live events. Live Shopping offers great opportunities to continue improving consumers' experience and increasing e-commerce conversion rates in the long run.

          Using your replay session

Leverage Replay sessions and share them on social media by showing only snippets of the key moments in order to attract the viewer on to watching the replay video on your website. 

          Enriching product pages 

By broadcasting bits of the live shopping event on several pages of your website, specifically the highlighted products from the show on the product pages, you enrich your product pages with video content.

Enhanced product page with access to live video shopping replay session

          Following up with attendees

After your live shopping event, don’t just move on. Instead, follow up by asking the audience who participated for their feedback with a short survey. Thank them for attending the event, and make sure they stay tuned for the next events inciting them with CTAs such as following your brand’s social media page or joining your newsletter creating brand loyalty.


Live Video Shopping provides a new and powerful way to connect with consumers and accelerate an e-commerce business activity. By making your customers’ shopping experience unique, engaging and exclusive with Video Shopping, you will get an edge on your competitors.

In addition to traditional consumer-oriented digital marketing techniques, Shoply provides unique and powerful tools within it’s Live Video Shopping software, enabling brands, retailers and e-commerce market places to make the most out of their Video Shopping campaigns.

Book a demo with us to see our clients’ best-practices and how we can make your next live shopping event one not to miss.