About Sage Appliances and Darty

Sage Appliances, world-leading high end home appliances was created in 1932 in Australia.

A year ago, this specialized in innovative products company decided to enter the French market. To sell some of their highlighted products such as the Smart Oven® Pizzaiolo, they decided to collaborate with Darty, French leader in home and electronic appliances and cultural products.

Le four Smart Oven Pizzaiolo par Sage Appliances
Smart Oven® Pizzaiolo

In order to present their product, the two companies decided to use a new up and coming selling format : a live stream Masterclass.

Challenge: Ensuring the success of the Smart Oven® Pizzaiolo

The aim was to create a virtual Masterclass allowing Italian gastronomy foodies to make a real Napolitano pizza.

The event took place as an animated, digital and interactive event with interactions between the host and spectators but also between the spectators themselves thanks to the live chat integrated in the solution.

A crucial point for Sage Appliances and Darty was to allow spectators to be inthralled by the product therefore buying it directly through the interface. 

For Sage, the experience wasn't quite new to them : virtual Masterclasses had taken place for months but on Zoom.

Although Zoom is an exceptional tool for virtual meetings, it isn't quite adapted to virtual Masterclasses nor for commercial matters which Sage Appliances was counting on.

Indeed, Zoom has quite a few limitations to it :

  • In order to get access to a Zoom session, one has to enroll themselves which presents a barrier to some when it comes to watching live sessions
  • Zoom is compatible but not adapted to mobile viewing
  • The Zoom interface is not customizable, taking the extra brand identity factor away therefore making the show less personalized
  • It is not possible to buy the product directly from the Zoom interface, making impulsive buying more complicated for viewers. Even though Sage Appliances shared a few promo codes during their Zoom live sessions, they weren't able to retain the impulsive buyers due to the extra hassle of going to their website, finding the product, and then, buying it. 

Sage Appliances wanted to address these limitation and to do so, they wanted to use a high-tech and experimented in Live Shopping solution which had proven to be successful for other brands. 


Sage Appliances and Darty, in partnership with Stellar Global opted for Shoply's Live Shopping Solution to present their pizza Masterclass. 

Shoply outdid their expectations for this event :

  • A simple intergration.
  • A personalized interface with reflected brand identity.
  • Access to the live session in just a click, without any subscription nor enrollment.
  • The possibility to buy presented products directly through the live session interface. 
  • Adapted features for mobile and tablet devices. 
  • Full time support for the whole duration of the project, from start to finish.
Shoply's Sage Appliances Masterclass Pizza Widget
Démo du Smart Oven® Pizzaiolo by Sage Appliances


The Masterclass was undergone on the 3rd ofJune and was a success ! During the event, the expert host Marco Baresi, head of coffee and pizza at Sage was able to show the spectators a step-by-step instruction on how to make a Napolitano pizza like a true pizzaiolo using a Sage oven. 

This event generated a lot of engagement : viewers asked Maro a lot of questions through the Shoply chat to which he answered at the end of the event and acknowledged during. 

Just before the Q&A session, Marco revealed a surprise to the audience : a 25% promo code for the Sage Smart Oven, this exclusive promotion represented almost 200€ off of the prestigious oven. 

As a summary

Sage Appliances had the opportunity to compare Zoom and Shoply.tv, Live Shopping Software Solution, to compare their Masterclass experiences. 

This use case is a good reminder that should you want to host live shows for commercial purposes, it is important to realize that your live shopping event will reach its full potential by using adequate and adapted solutions.

Click here to discover the Replay session of the Sage Appliances x Darty Pizza Masterclass with the Shoply solution.

Rediffusion de l'émission en live streaming de Sage Appliances avec Shoply
Sage Appliances Replay session with Shoply, June 3rd, 2021