21 Types of Offers to BOOST Your Ecommerce engagement

This article was originally written and published by Ethan Kramer, CEO at EK Creative, on the EK Creative's blog. EK Creative is our main US-based partner-agency expert in Live shopping advertising.

Our team has seen recent success using more offers and wanted to share something we put together for all of our amazing clients to utilize.

We know that having a solid offer can provide a huge boost to your ad campaigns.

So how do we work them in? We CREATE them!

After combining multiple years of eCommerce experience into a brainstorming session, our team developed this list of 21 types of offers as the foundation we have seen work time and time again.


  1. Free shipping: Sitewide or on certain categories.
  2. Bogo or "Buy one, get one free".
  3. Buy 2 for $10.
  4. The more you buy, the more you save.
  5. Rewards programs : Give customers credit for each purchase.
  6. Countdown timer : Put a countdown timer on your site for when a sale ends.
  7. Offer incentives for each customer review.
  8. First purchase anniversary gift or discount.
  9. Anniversary sales: 'We turned 10 years old today, we're happy to share a $5 coupon with our best customers."
  10. Offer a discount for joining your Email-list.
  11. Bundles.
  12. Frequent shopper discount code.
  13. Free gift with purchase.
  14. Warehouse sale.
  15. Weird holiday sales such as National romper day.
  16. Limited or Special edition items.
  17. Upsell offers: Retarget denim buyers with a complimentary product collection.
  18. Give back to the community "For every purchase from this collection, we give $5 back to charity."
  19. Gated shopping events: Only inviting top customers to shop at a page not liste on the site.
  20. Low priced introductory offer for new customers.
  21. New product collection launches.

We encourage you to write down the 3 types of offers that stand out most to you, then discuss these offers with your account manager.

Once you have an offer that you want to run, we suggest you set a date to test the offer so we can see what works best for you.

That's all for now!

For more details, contact Ethan at this link.